Friday, April 8, 2011


 *The Types of Abusive Men

*The Abusive Man and Breaking Up

*Abusive Men and Their Allies

Everyone has a right to peaceful coexistence, the basic personal freedoms, the alleviation of suffering, and the opportunity to lead a productive life…”
– Jimmy Carter

 I chose to blog about these topics because I think it is important to understand every aspect of domestic abuse.  The Types of Abusive Men is interesting to me because it is nearly impossible to determine an abuse person just from looking at them and abuse happens in a variety of different ways.  The Abusive Man and Breaking Up is an important topic to understand because it is so common for abuse to continue even after an abusive relationship ends.  Women are at a 75% greater risk after they have left so it is important to understand the patterns of abusive men after the relationship is over.  Last, I chose to blog about Abusive Men and Their Allies.  I think this topic will help shed a light about why individuals who are close to abusive men often end up defending them as opposed to stopping them.

Abuse happens for a number of reasons.  While it is hard to pin point exactly what drives abuse, some of the most common reasons a person is abuse are:
*They think it is "normal" to act that way.
*They think that being abusive will get them what they want.
*They do it to manipulate and control their partner.
*They have insecurity problems and need to feel a sense of control.
*They become angry when their partner can not live up to their unrealistic expectations.
*They have untreated mental or emotional problems.
Abuse happens for any number or combination of these reasons and for many more.  Never the less, abuse is wrong.

Every 9 seconds a women in the United States is abused.  That is almost 7 women every minute.  Considering those statistics, I wonder how many people in my life has suffered from abuse and learning about domestic violence has made me question some of my past relationships.  Unfortunately, it has become just a fact of life for many women and because abuse occurs in so many different ways and because people are not educated on the topic, it is often difficult to identify.

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